Podunkon Anthem
The Podunkton Anthem is a song sung by Cycon in the episode Welcome to Podunkton.


Cycon: There's a town outside my window
and it's calling out to me.
Cycon: And every time it calls, I know
this is where I'm meant to be!
Everyone: It's a place so nice, you'll want to stay
and every day, you'll here us saying.
Welcome to Podunkton!
Cycon: This is Cycon's town.
Everyone: Welcome to Podunkton!
Epic Toad: The system's going down!
Everyone: Welcome to Podunkton!
Damien's Partners: You'll never say goodbye.
Everyone: Welcome to Podunkton!
Klunk: I hate my fucking life.
Cycon: Welcome to Podunkton!

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